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          The Law Office Software List for the Macintosh Computer
            Law Office Management
            Time & Billing & Accntg.
            Document Assembly
            Document Management
            Document Imaging
            Patent & Trademark
            Family Law
            Real Estate
            Estate Planning
            Forms Creation
            Online Research
            Legal Dictionaries
            Debt Collection
            Legal Training
            Apple's Initiatives in
            the Law Office Market

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          The Macintosh Software Guide for the Law Office

          From the
          American Bar Association!

          The Macintosh Software Guide for the Law Office

          Over 180 pages of information on the programs that can improve productivity and efficiency in your firm.

          Includesa thorough listing of law office Macintosh applications, links touseful internet resources, tips for making the best software purchasesfor your needs, and much more!

          Presented by
          Randy B. Singer
          Attorney at Law

          > Over 170 Products Listed! <

          Beenlooking for a law office software application that would makepracticing law much easier? Trying to convince the senior partner tocomputerize the firm with easy-to-use Macintoshes? Tired of being toldby Windows users that there is no law office software available for theMacintosh? Then this site is for you! There are actually a large numberof excellent software tools for law office use written for theMacintosh. These software tools tend to be superior to those availablefor Windows.

          Thissite is dedicated to providing you with basic information about all ofthe software tools written specifically for law office use for theMacintosh. (Please note: this site is NOT necessarily a resource forfinding the best general purpose applications for law office use. Inother words, you will not find any discussion here about which wordprocessor to use, which hard drive formatter to use, which fax softwareis best, etc. I leave that in the very capable hands of your localMacintosh user groups and the monthly Macintosh magazines.)

          Iwould very much appreciate it if visitors here could spread word ofthis site to your local legal newspapers, your state and local barassociations, and any other state and local legal publications that youknow of. With the help of everyone who visits here, we can make apositive impact on the growth of the use of the Macintosh within thelegal community!

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